The Most Trending – Natural vs Artificial Foods

What are all the Natural foods? And are those Natural foods have more benefits?

If it’s healthy where to find it?

If your mind is sticking around these questions, Then you have come to the best place to clear all these doubts. 

In this article, we will be covering everything … In and Out of Natural foods. 

Let’s dive in. 

What is Natural food?

Food products that are labeled as natural don’t contain any added color, or artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed. The processing limit includes that it should not change the nature of the products. 

Debates are going on what the definition means when it comes to minimally processed. As of now, if the food product is labeled natural, it doesn’t contain color or artificial ingredients. 

Some of the natural food also known as whole food products, examples are Fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, etc. 

And when it comes to animal products with the label saying “natural” that means that the animal was grown without any hormones and synthetic antibiotics, etc and they are minimally processed. 

Having said that, now let’s see how it differs from artificial 

Natural foodsArtificial foods
Natural foods are prepared from plants or animals materialsArtificial foods are prepared by the materials from labs. 
Examples: whole food products, real fruits.Examples: food products that contain artificial fruit flavors
Natural nutrients will be delivered to 100% for the one who consumes them.During the preservation process, most of the nutrients will be destroyed. 
Natural food products contain more natural fibers. Fibers are the most destroyed nutrients in processed foods. 
Natural food has more nutrients in the proper composition, overconsuming them may not be a serious issue. Consuming more processed foods with particular minerals and vitamins can cause some illnesses in our bodies. 
These foods usually don’t contain more fats. Artificial colors usually transform into fat after consumption. 
There is no need to worry about the obesity issues when you take more natural foods. Obesity is a common issue found among people who consumed more processed foods. 

Considering all the points in the above table, we can conclude that shifting our food habits from processed foods to Natural ones will be more advantageous. 

Having discussed what is Natural products and how it differs from artificial food products. You might get a general idea about the benefits of natural food products. 

Now it is time to know, how to find these products in a store.

How to find Natural products in the store?

You might wonder this, Is finding Natural food products that hard? Now, it is not hard, But there are some terms you should know before picking Natural products?

While you are in the groceries store and planning to pick Natural products, you should keep these things in mind 

  • Stickers and Labels
  • Government approval
  • All the glitters are not good
  • to ask the attendant

Labels & Stickers

Usually Natural food products contain the label and stickers mentioning “Natural” in their packs. In that case, just read the ingredients, most of them from the whole food products. 

If those products with these labels are not Natural, they’ll be fined for violation of food regulations in each country. 

Approval from the government

When you look at the labels of the product, don’t forget to look for stamps mentioning that it’s approved by the government. Each government has one food regulatory body under the food and safety departments. They will be testing the food products, and whether they are following the guidelines.

Be aware of shiny products

As I already mentioned in the above table, Only processed foods will look shiny, uniform in size, and more appealing to buy. Those fruits and food products will look more beautiful than Natural  ones. Which doesn’t mean that they are more nutritious. 

Natural foods products won’t be more appealing and attractive. Which doesn’t mean that they are not hygienic and tastier. These taste better than shiny fruits and foods products. 

Remember, all the glitters are not gold.

Ask for help

When you are in the store, and still get confused about identifying the Natural foods products, better ask for help from the store attendants. They will guide you in choosing the right products. Don’t hesitate to ask them, they will do their best to keep their customer happy. 

Natural vs Organic food

This is the most important section of the article, people are confusing natural foods with organic foods.  

All-natural food products are not organic. 

Organic foods products don’t include any chemicals in any stage of their production processes from farming to packing. 

Natural products are not like that. Natural products don’t include artificial coloring, preservatives, GMOs, and irradiated products and ingredients only. 

In general terms, natural food products lie in between organic and artificial ones. Organic foods are expensive and hard to find in nearby stores. 

Harshini groceries supply Natural food products to all parts of the UAE. These foods are directly procured from the local farmers in southern parts of India. 

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Visit our online store to get a holistic idea about our wide range of products and our vision. And participate in the process of shifting your food habits to Natural substitutes thereby encouraging more farmers around the world. 

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